I want you to put me out of business.  Well, not really.  But I want you to put me out of business as a lawyer litigating cases involving religious affinity fraud.  My phone has not stopped ringing since I filed the most recent Ephren Taylor class action.  Horror story after horror story from countless victims who all invested through self-directed IRAS in religious affinity frauds and Ponzi Schemes and lost everything.  How can you let this continue unabated?  When are you going to publicly acknowledge the issue and address it head on?  When are you going to warn your members of the potential to be defrauded by their faith?  What are you waiting for?

I hope to finish out my career never having sued a religious organization. But I have to say that I am getting closer and closer to having to do so because of the abuses I see and the "blind eye" of church leadership and religious organizations.  Stop pretending this is not happening and do something about it.

Better yet, contact me and I will help you. Free of charge. I don't want anything other than I just want this to stop.  People are losing their money, their families, their health, their sanity and their faith in the name of God.  Enough already.  This type of fraud can be easily stopped through education and communication. I am tired of hearing stories of people being victimized for HAVING faith.  That is just ridiculous.

I am going to do whatever I need to do to bring this issue out and educate potential victims.  Let's talk because I am not going to just sit by and let this continue to happen particularly since I know that church and religious leaders are aware of it.  Let's work together, I would be delighted.