Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church-DO NOT BE DECEIVED-GOD IS NOT MOCKED

The faith and grace of the victims' families and the community in Charleston in light of this horrific act are inspiring. I spoke to the minister of a large church in Miami today and he reminded me that this is what the faithful do. They let God take control.  And He has.  My heart goes out to the families of the victims, to the community, to the heartbreak of a city that is based upon faith, love and brotherhood. But that heartbreak has not caused riots and strife-it has brought together persons of all faiths and ethnic races as one to join in unison as a voice for God, for peace and for unity. Praise God! I commend those who fought for removal of the Confederate Flag at the capitol.  We are one race-the human race.  That is it.  To my brothers and sisters in Christ in Charleston and throughout the U.S.-pray that our country will take the lesson that a group of God's angels in Charleston has taught us. Their suffering has given us hope that our country can heal.  What a Blessing! God Bless You All!  Cathy