Today in San Francisco Federal District Court a new Class Action Complaint was filed against Ephren Taylor, Meshelle Taylor, Ephren Taylor Senior, Equity Trust, Robert Batt and a host of other defendants. Tomorrow I will post the new complaint in my Newsroom. I encourage you to read the stories of the new named Plaintiffs and compare them to your own.  Bill Lee, Trudy Morgan and Gennet Thompson remain Plaintiffs in the law suit filed in Los Angeles. In addition, there are other Taylor victims that have joined a class action suit previously filed in San Francisco District Court with the new legal team against multiple self-directed IRA custodians including Entrust and Equity Trust.

We now know that there are over 500 victims of Ephren Taylor Junior in at least 43 states. Because of that, we will be communicating to Class Members via this Blog. It is simply impossible to move these cases forward and at the same time respond to each individual victim and update them via phone calls and email.

Thank you again for your prayers, words of encouragement and support.

"Do Not Be Overcome By Evil, But Overcome Evil With Good." Romans 12:21

Regards, Cathy