Please go to the Ephren Taylor Class Action Newsroom to view a copy of the Class Action Complaint that was filed in San Francisco District Court yesterday. I would like to introduce the new Legal Team to you.  Attorney Tim Fisher is a principal of Bursor & Fisher, PA in San Francisco, Attorney David Dorenfeld is a principal of Snyder *Dorenfeld LLP in Los Angeles,  Attorney Mike Brown is an Associate with Snyder *Dorenfeld LLP in Los Angeles and I am sure you remember me!

I encourage you to read the factual allegations of the complaint. I think it is helpful for each of the victims to understand that you are not alone, that you were fooled-not foolish in making these investments, and that you are unfortunately the victims of a well orchestrated Ponzi Scheme perpetrated by many folks-some of which are defendants in this lawsuit and some of which are not. Do not be mistaken-Ephren Taylor Jr. never acted alone. Over the next several months you will learn the identity of others who facilitated these frauds.  I am sure the facts and players will shock some of you.

I will be updating everyone through this Blog. As I indicated yesterday, the Taylor victims total over 500 so it is impossible to move the case forward and at the same time provide individual updates to victims.

The next update will occur after all defendants have been served, we are in the process of serving everyone now.  As you know, Ephren Taylor is a fugitive and as far as we know so is his wife, Meshelle. At this time, we do not have an address on Ephren and Meshelle and Ephren's criminal defense counsel has refused to accept service on his behalf in other lawsuits in which he has been named as a defendant.

Nevertheless, the Legal Team is anxious to move forward with this litigation and again we thank you for all of your support. Please check this Blog periodically for updates. Regards, Cathy