In order to cover up their fraud, Renuen and its officers,directors, inside and outside counsel are filing frivolous lawsuits and lien actions against Renuen victims and anyone who tries to help them  and are trying to force victims into  signing a paper that says their job was complete and completed satisfactorily so Renuen can get funded.  They are doing this even if the job was never permitted, was permitted after the fact and the equipment was not authorized/approved in the state of Florida. If you are one of those Renuen victims, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately and file a complaint. Give them all of your documentation and pictures of the work that was done.  Under Florida law, an unlicensed contractor cannot enforce their contract.  So any lien actions by Renuen  are fraudulent and void.  Renuen is an unlicensed contractor. We walk in the truth.  We will prevail.  Love to all, Cathy