Equity Trust Ohio final filed complaint. The link above is to a  case that has been filed in Ohio against Equity Trust Company, Equity Administrative Services, and their owners, Richard Desich, Sr., Jeffrey Desich, arising out of Taylor's Ponzi schemes and their facilitation of same through Equity Trust Self-Directed IRAs. Our legal team is blessed to have Spangenberg, Shibley and Liber, LLP and the law firm of Snyder Dorenfeld as part of the legal team.  Attorneys Stuart Scott, Nick DiCello and Dan Frech are appearing on behalf of  the Spangenberg firm based in Cleveland, Ohio  and David Dorenfeld and Mike Brown are appearing on behalf of the Snyder Dorenfeld Firm from Los Angeles, California.  As you know, Taylor in 2008 started using Equity Trust exclusively for investments through Self-directed IRAs until Equity Trust quit taking new clients from him.  That case is still at the pleading stage.  I am posting the complaint today so that all of you can read it.  It is quite interesting.


The second class action suit is pending in California.  The Snyder Dorenfeld firm, attorneys David Dorenfeld and Mike Brown, in Los Angeles are working with my firm on the case on appeal in California.  That case is against the Entrust Group and their facilitation of  Taylor's Ponzi Schemes through their Self-Directed IRAs. The case has been fully briefed and we are waiting to see if the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will be granting Oral Argument.


I want to express the appreciation of our legal team for everyone who has come forward with information to assist us with these cases.  Cathy Lerman remains available to speak with potential witnesses and others wanting to assist the victims of these Ponzi schemes. Please email Ms. Lerman at to arrange a call.  Thank you.


I know all of you are as elated as I am about Taylor's indictment, I want you as you give prayers of thanks to God today for this victory to also give thanks and send blessings to all of those people who have stood by all of us and helped expose Taylor for the criminal that he is.  There are many:

First of all, please pray for strength and guidance for Assistant United States Attorney Christopher J. Huber  and his team who will be prosecuting Taylor's case.

Secondly-please pray a prayer of gratitude and thanks for the devotion and hard work of Secret Service Agent Steve Whitaker who has the patience of a saint for putting up with me and who has stood by all of the victims from the beginning.

Third-please pray a special prayer of thanks and blessings for Evan Nierman of Red Banyan Group who has stood by me for the last three years and has done everything in his power to draw attention to the plight of Taylor's victims.  Without Evan's help, your story may never have been heard.  Pray that God will bless him and his public relations firm richly for all of his hard work on your behalf.

Fourth-also pray a special prayer of thanks for the Snyder Dorenfeld law firm in Los Angeles, California who for the past two years have been part off our legal team and have devoted thousands of hours seeking justice on behalf  of all of you as well as our other Ponzi scheme clients.  Attorneys David Dorenfeld and Mike Brown have provided invaluable guidance as we pursue all of the class action suits and deserve God's richest blessings for their efforts.  They jumped into these cases and have never looked back.  May God bless them both!

Fifth-The people at ABC Nightline who,when no one else would listen, took the Ephren Taylor story and made it national news, persisted in exposing Taylor and his crimes and have told your story to the world.  I especially want to thank Steve Osunsami who bravely confronted Taylor directly about his Ponzi schemes and how he victimized all of you. Please pray a special prayer of thanks and blessings for Steve and the entire Nightline Team.  

And now, our journey begins to see what will happen with Taylor and his criminal trial, if there is one. As you all know, Ephren is a "deal maker" and I am sure he will try to negotiate his way out of this. 

As I said on Nightline, I am concerned that he is a  flight risk and I wish he was in custody but perhaps that will happen soon. In any event, today we have a lot to be thankful for. I am going to address the future and other litigation in another Blog. 

May God bless all of you!