A Tribute to James Foley-Only The Good Die Young

It is with a heavy heart that I write this tribute.  Every day I see so much evil in the world-Ponzi schemers, unscrupulous corporations driven by money hungry owners who will stop at nothing to pad their own pockets, even helping steal the life savings of elderly citizens, poisoning their own employees, creating dangers for the very customers they service, and those who are disabled or unprotected.  And then you see a man/angel like James Foley.  He was the essence of everything good, honest, kind and truthful in this world.  And then EVIL took him. But have no fear,  James is sitting with the angels at the right hand of God having served his life as a Good and Faithful Servant.  I pray for peace for his family. I pray for peace for all of us.  I pray that someday all evil will be overcome by good.  But as Oprah says, here is what I know for sure-James Foley always overcame evil with good.  His sweet spirit lives on. And all of you dear Readers who have followed me over the past few years-please take a moment and pray for James and his family-he gave the ultimate sacrifice and may he rest in peace.  God bless!  Cathy