HERE IS THE EMAIL MESSAGE KIM SENT MY CLIENT: My company was informed by WPTV that you lodged a compliant against my company. As you know that the company was trying to settle the issue with you over the solar attic fan which the company in its opinion could not be installed on the metal roof, due to it potentially voiding your roof warranty.  You had informed Aqua Finance that you will be retaining an attorney over this issue, and to date, I have not had any communication from a counsel representing you.

The company would like to settle this matter with you so we can move forward. Would you suggest an offer of settlement that the company can consider?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


D. Alexander Kim, Esq.
Mr. Kim, I am in receipt of your email below directed to my client,  Mr. Collier.  Please be advised that you are hereby instructed to cease and desist any further communications with him. Also be advised that Mr. Collier at no time has contacted Aqua Finance and told them he was retaining an attorney. He has never spoken with Aqua Finance. Please produce a copy of the tape of that conversation because that is a lie. I would not put it above your company to have impersonated Mr. Collier to "create" such a conversation.
There is no way to "settle" a crime committed against a resident of the state of Florida except by criminal conviction. Mr. Collier has no interest in any further interaction with your company that forged his name on documents, sold him an unpermitted solar system that it knew would not work on his house with a contract that was void on its face and contained a qualifier who had resigned months earlier,  tried to shut him up by offering money and sending him a settlement agreement with a confidentiality clause and threatened him by sending him more than 7 copies of liens on his house evidencing that Renuen was liening his house because he refused to sign the financing documents indicating that the work performed by Renuen (using the term "work" loosely) was acceptable when in fact this whole operation is a scam, a Ponzi scheme and as the SEC uses the term a "pump and dump" on RENU stock.
You are despicable. I can only hope that you, Jeff, Lynn and all of your cohorts are shortly indicted and spend a long, long time behind bars. The targeting of hundreds of elderly, minorities and naive consumers in Florida to sell worthless solar systems through fraudulent, forged documents is certainly not a simple misunderstanding.
I have no intention of letting all of you get away with this like you did in New Jersey. You will be prosecuted.  Count on it. Very truly yours, Cathy J. Lerman, Esq.