What do Ephren Taylor Senior, Joel Osteen and Bishop Eddie Long Have In Common?

My dear Readers, I am sure you have guessed already.  Taylor Senior, Osteen and Long all allowed Ephren Taylor Junior access to their congregation and permitted Taylor Junior to swindle them but they were certainly not alone. There are churches and other regligious organizations all over the country who have members who have lost their life savings to the Ponzi Schemes and affinity frauds of Ephren Taylor Junior. Certainly religious leaders would abhor helping Taylor "fleece their own flock." Ephren Taylor Junior was permitted access to congregations because he was a "Man of God,"  "Ordained Minister," and  "Preacher."  Taylor Junior was supposed to be spreading the word about his "ministry" that helped  Christian investors by giving them above normal returns on their investments and at the same time giving back to the community  by helping those less fortunate. 

Of course, none of that was true, as Taylor Junior's victims will now confirm. In fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Taylor Junior's Victims across the U.S. who  were victims to one of the greatest cons ever perpetrated by an African American on African Americans AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA! Indeed, Taylor Junior cleverly used Mainstream Media to perpetrate his crimes and enhance his credibility with his targets-his own people!

Looking back at his frauds and Ponzi Schemes, one wonders how so many media outlets could have been so fooled.  But they were! Oprah, Snoop Dog, the Southern Leadership Conference, the National Democratic Party, 20/20,  Jesse Jackson, Montel Williams, Tom Joyner, etc. all sang the praises of a mad man and con artist. A preacher man's son who attacked, targeted and destroyed the same people his father ministered to.

Perhaps someone needs to analyze that conduct.  What kind of sick person destroys those same people his father ministers to?  Hopefully when Ephren Taylor Junior is finally in prison-his motivation can be analyzed. Until then, we will just have to wait and hope that justice will be served and that Ephren Taylor Junior will answer for his crimes by serving the rest of his life behind bars.  I think his victims deserve that much. And what about his wife and Father?  They aided and abetted his crimes even after they knew he was swindling others. Will they pay?  We shall see.