Lerman Law Firm Applauds WPTV Consumer Watchdog Jenn Strathman's Warning on Home Improvement Contracts

Cathy Lerman, principal of the Lerman Law Firm, has issued  a press release praising the work of Jenn Strathman, WPTV Consumer Watchdog, for her two part series on home improvement contracts and tips on what the consumer should be watchful for when signing these contracts.  Jenn used as an example, RENUEN (RENU) a solar contractor with many complaints who had contracted with two elderly women that Jenn interviewed.  Neither of the Renuen systems worked as promised, they were not permitted and these elderly women  did not receive the promised rebates-until they appeared on WPTV and then the company CEO, Jeffrey Nemes,  offered to pay part or all of them through RENUEN! Let this be a lesson to the consumer, particularly our senior consumers, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT A LAWYER REVIEWING IT!  There are too many fraudsters in south Florida that prey on the elderly.   Senior citizens must stay vigilant and have an attorney review any contract they are signing that involves significant rights-like the right of Renuen to lien their home!  This is a CONSUMER ALERT THAT EVERYONE SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO.

The link to our Press Release on Jenn's two part series is below: