Ephren,  you hired a former prosecutor who is now a criminal defense lawyer to represent you.  Why?  The only legal matters you have pending right now are a class action suit in Los Angeles and a civil enforcement action by the SEC.  No one has filed criminal charges against you.  So why lawyer up with a criminal lawyer? Well, that is pretty interesting.  Because, Ephren, I think you just outted yourself, buddy.  No one has charged you with a crime but you clearly know that it is coming.  I wonder why? Ephren, if you were so misunderstood and innocent you would be working the media circuit right now which you know so well to proclaim your innocence.  You would be telling your story to every news outlet that would listen.  But that is not happening.  I know why.  Because you know what I know.  You ripped off hundreds of people across this country who trusted you because they thought you  were a Christian and  a minister and you are NEITHER.  You have created a new job title-Pseudo Evangelist.  That is what you are and what you will always be.

So Ephren, what do you think your criminal defense lawyer can do?  He can't change the facts, he can't change the stories of the victims and he really can't change what is going to happen to you.  And he can't stop me and my clients from exposing you for what you really are. Think about that. Your gig is up. You won't be selling any more books, DVDs, lectures, etc. on your talents as an investment advisor.  You are done with that. There are literally hundreds of people across the country who have been ripped off by you who have had enough.  So my recommendation is that you come forward, cut a deal with the prosecutors, tell us where the rest of the money is hidden and try to do something positive with the rest of your miserable life.  Because this story, for you, never has a happy ending.

As I said before, no one swindles God's Children in God's House and Gets Away with it. No One. Not Even  Ephren Taylor.