Where In The World Is Ephren Taylor?

You have probably already seen the article released today from Nightline about their story tonight on Ephren Taylor.  We all look forward to seeing the truth about the Ponzi Scheme that Ephren orchestrated aired for all the world to see.  According to Christopher Bruno, Ephren's attorney, Ephren is looking forward to telling his side of the  story. Really? Because in October of 2011 Ephren told the Associated Press that he was going to "make it right"  with his victims and that he was not just "another greedy businessman."   Ephren even called me and left me a message that he wanted to discuss settlement of the case.  Then he sent me an email and asked me to call him to discuss settlement.  When I stopped laughing, I responded to Ephren via email.

I have decided today to release my email response to Ephren publicly.  I do not want another day to go by hearing how Ephren is not really in hiding and Ephren can explain everything and Ephren is a good guy and  blah blah blah.  Enough already.  I want his victims to read my message to Ephren because it was really from all of them.  It is a culmination of the many, many phone calls and emails I have received about the tremendous amount of pain and anguish this man and his cohorts have caused all of the victims.

Here was my responsive email to Ephren Taylor in October of 2011:

Subject: RE: E. Taylor - Case Resolution

From: <clerman@lermanfirm.com>

Date: Mon, October 24, 2011 3:58 pm

To: "Ephren Taylor"

First of all, my last name is Lerman. More importantly, we have nothing to "discuss." The time for discussion is long past. 
You have been "taking action" to "make it right" for  over a year. No one believes you anymore.  Your fans dissipated quickly when the word got out that you bilked all these innocent Christian victims of their lifetime savings causing many of them to lose their homes in foreclosure, some question their faith, and others to become despondent and suicidal.
Ephren, everyone now knows who you really are. Why don't you, for once, act like the "ordained Christian minister" you claimed to be when you tricked these victims into investing in your defunct companies, bankrupt real estate projects and money-losing businesses and return the victims' money?  Where are all those millions you claimed to have made through your "socially conscious" savvy investment strategies that you "shared" with your victims? 
I will say this-I do feel sorry for your wife, children and family, especially your Father, because I am sure the public shame your egregious conduct has brought on them is very painful.  But that is not my problem-it is yours.
If you really want to make it right, return the money. I know, and you know, that you are not going to do that.  Over the last several months I have listened to story after story after story from your good, hard-working Christian victims about how you lied to them and then swindled them IN THEIR OWN HOUSE OF WORSHIP using bogus stories about all the investment "opportunities" you could provide. 
I know you thought this was just going to go away. After all, you preyed on people who you knew would not want to say anthing bad about an "ordained" minister much less sue him and would try to keep all issues within the four walls of the church.  But even Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. These people were fooled but not foolish.
So if you want to resolve this, let me know how much you are willing to pay, and then we will talk. Otherwise, we have nothing to discuss.
Needless to say, I never heard from Ephren again.