My son and I first met Stuart Scott in 2007. Stuart was a rare and special individual.  My son, who is handicapped and wants to be a sports reporter, idolized Stuart. Stuart had given a talk that day to a room full of sports announcer hopefuls in Orlando at an ESPN event.  My son was one of them. After his talk, instead of leaving immediately to avoid the crowds, Stuart stayed for over an hour and spoke to every single child who waited for the chance to speak to him. When it came to my son, Stuart could not have kinder, more encouraging, funny and patient.  There are not a lot of kids with autism and other disabilities that are encouraged to go into sports broadcasting but that day Stuart Scott told my son he would be an excellent sports announcer some day. Stuart hugged him, shook his hand and had his picture taken with him.  I could hardly hold back my tears of pure joy that this man was so kind to my son. Stuart acted like he had absolutely nothing else to do.  And my son believed Stuart that he could be a sports announcer.  Since that time my son has attended college and will graduate with a four year degree this spring and will be looking for a job-as a sports announcer.

Stuart never forgot him.  They chatted on Facebook and remained friends. I have never forgotten that day and when we learned Stuart had cancer we let him know he was constantly in our prayers. Stuart's death has hit us hard.

If ever there was an angel in sportscasting-it is Stuart Scott.  May he revel with the angels in heaven and may his family find peace and comfort in the joy he brought to the world of sportscasting -and to a kid in Coral Springs, Florida who Stuart believed in-and made him believe.   We love you buddy and we will miss you so much! Rest in Peace, Good and Faithful Servant.   Love, Cathy and Ryan


Equity Trust Ohio final filed complaint. The link above is to a  case that has been filed in Ohio against Equity Trust Company, Equity Administrative Services, and their owners, Richard Desich, Sr., Jeffrey Desich, arising out of Taylor's Ponzi schemes and their facilitation of same through Equity Trust Self-Directed IRAs. Our legal team is blessed to have Spangenberg, Shibley and Liber, LLP and the law firm of Snyder Dorenfeld as part of the legal team.  Attorneys Stuart Scott, Nick DiCello and Dan Frech are appearing on behalf of  the Spangenberg firm based in Cleveland, Ohio  and David Dorenfeld and Mike Brown are appearing on behalf of the Snyder Dorenfeld Firm from Los Angeles, California.  As you know, Taylor in 2008 started using Equity Trust exclusively for investments through Self-directed IRAs until Equity Trust quit taking new clients from him.  That case is still at the pleading stage.  I am posting the complaint today so that all of you can read it.  It is quite interesting.


The second class action suit is pending in California.  The Snyder Dorenfeld firm, attorneys David Dorenfeld and Mike Brown, in Los Angeles are working with my firm on the case on appeal in California.  That case is against the Entrust Group and their facilitation of  Taylor's Ponzi Schemes through their Self-Directed IRAs. The case has been fully briefed and we are waiting to see if the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will be granting Oral Argument.


I want to express the appreciation of our legal team for everyone who has come forward with information to assist us with these cases.  Cathy Lerman remains available to speak with potential witnesses and others wanting to assist the victims of these Ponzi schemes. Please email Ms. Lerman at clerman@lermanfirm.com to arrange a call.  Thank you.