There is not much difference between going into a bank with a gun and telling the bank employees to give you all the money so you can steal it and going into a church and telling the congregation to give you all of their money so you can steal it.  The only difference is that with one of these crimes you have a physical weapon.  I am not so sure that using race and religion to steal from people is not also using a weapon albeit a psychological one. Should the lack of a physical weapon preclude criminal prosecution of the thief?   I don't think so. So why hasn't Ephren Taylor been indicted?  Why isn't he sitting in jail awaiting trial? I have been asked that question over and over again by Taylor's victims but  I don't know the answer to that question.  There are plenty of Ponzi Schemers across the U.S. awaiting trial in jail, why isn't Ephren in jail?  Is it because Taylor still has so much of his victims'  monies socked away that he can afford to pay a criminal defense lawyer  to negotiate  a get out of jail free card for him?  I know Taylor took way more than $11 million.  I certainly hope  that Taylor will not be able to use the money he stold to help him avoid being held accountable.   The bank robber didn't intentionally target his or her victims  personally, they are simply bank employees, but  Taylor did.  Taylor targeted his own people as his victims. Does he get "credit" for his deviousness?  I think he should. We shall see....

And a note to the Ephren Taylor victims, I will be posting an update within the next 10 days.  Stay tuned.

God bless! Cathy