"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  John 8:32

Finally, the Broward Teacher's Union (BTU) played its political hand on the Broward County School Board race and the truth has been revealed.  And folks, BTU has proven once again IT IS ALL ABOUT POLITICS IN THE BROWARD COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM.  BTU refused to endorse any candidate with ties to Stoneman Douglas, according to a Sun-Sentinel news report, and endorsed most school board candidate incumbents.

How is that possible? Why isn't BTU supporting any candidate that will make our schools safer, raise our teacher's salaries, require transparency from the top down by the Broward County School Board, and hold administrators in Broward schools accountable for their own malfeasance and nonfeasance?  The simple answer which has been true in every school board race for decades in Broward-POLITICS.

However, BTU's strategy has backfired. It is too obvious. BTU emphasizes the "Proven Record" of the Broward County School Board member encumbents being challenged in the current race as the basis for their continued support of these encumbents.  "Proven Record" of what you ask?  Well, that is easy. 

Everyone in Broward County has had a front row seat, since the MSD tragedy, to the parade of stories of corruption, cover ups, incompetence, inadequate security, unsafe buildings, accounting irregularities, and just plain old fraud that has plagued the BCSB for years.  Yet BTU supports the incumbents AGAIN????? Every teacher, student and parent of students in the Broward County school system should be furious and afraid because if all of these encumbents get elected again-NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE IN THE BROWARD COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM ("BCSS").

It is time that the truth set Broward voters free to vote for candidates who actually will make a difference and CHANGE THE WAY BCSS operates. For example, Laurie Rich Levinson has been a school board member for 8 years.  She is being challenged by newcomer, Richard A. Mendelson, Ph.D. 

Mendelson is the only candidate for BCSB (and is more qualified than any sitting member of the BCSB) that has any qualifications to lead the major overhaul that the School Board requires.  There is no other candidate with experience in the Broward County School System as a teacher as well as expertise in industrial and organizational psychology and security. 

Mendelson is running on a platform to create positive change in our schools and community as well as fight for fair pay for teachers, accountability at all levels of the school district., and to make safety and security of our schools a priority. How could BTU ignore a candidate with this kind of stellar credentials? What, exactly, has Levinson done to facilitate those goals in the last 8 years that she has "sat" on the School Board?  The answer will not surprise you.

Levinson's political clout is what has kept her in her "seat"-not her performance as an aggressive advocate for students, teachers, transparency of the school district, and/or elimination of corruption at all levels of BCSS.  Levinson's mother is Nan Rich, a Broward County Commissioner and prominent political figure.  BTU doesn't want to upset a politically powerful  county commissioner by supporting her daughter's rival-regardless of whether it is the right thing to do for the community, the schools, the students, their families, and the teachers. So folks, there is the sad truth.

Now knowing this truth, all voters in Broward County should cast a suspicious eye on all of the School Board incumbents who are running for re-election.  Furthermore, students, educators and parents in Broward County should feel FREE to speak out against the position of BTU and their political cronies who have placed politics over the safety, security, ethics, morality and legality of the administration and operation of our school system.  Politics should play no part in the education of our children, regardless of whether it concerns their safety on campus or the creation of ill-advised programs that hide the dangers lurking within our schools. 

The truth about BTU is irrefutable. Now my friends and neighbors in Broward County: