David Byles-An Example of What Everyone in the Automotive Industry Should Be

I don't often write positive, personal columns on this blog.  As a Consumer Protection attorney, I have plenty of bad stories and warnings to fill these pages.  However, sometimes you meet someone that you know is making a positive difference in the world and you just have to say something.

So this column is about David Byles, an automotive sales representative with Autonation in Pompano Beach, Florida.  David's integrity, concern for his clients and his dedication are exemplary.  I had the pleasure of working with David recently and I decided he needed some recognition for all of his hard work.  Since I always blast the bad guys, it is time to give the good guys some credit!

There are not many people in the automotive industry that I consider exemplary or exceptional but David is one of them.  If you need a vehicle, call David Byles. If he can't help you, he will find someone who will. You will not be sorry and you will have the best sales experience of your life. David can be reached at 954-644-4832.*   


*Please note this Blog Post is being published simply as a courtesy to Florida consumers.. We do not and will not accept any gratuities or fees arising from the purchase of vehicles from Mr. Byles.

All the Best, Cathy