Our law firm announced on September 4, 2018 that it had initiated an investigation of potential public corruption by the Superintendent of Elections (“SOE”) and Canvassing Board in the reporting of election results for the August 28th Primary. In our experience, most public corruption cases involve not only political officials but private citizens who facilitate the corruption, act as a go between among the participants, and serve to divert the attention of the public, law enforcement and/or investigators from the actual perpetrators.

Today I want the citizens of Broward County to become a little wiser and a lot more aggressive in protecting the sanctity of their vote, the integrity of the electoral process in Broward, and REQUIRE transparency and accountability by all public officials who affect the voting process and results of all Broward elections. Regardless of whether you are running for Judge, the School Board or the Governor, all candidates should be afforded a level and fair playing field in all Broward elections. And we don’t believe they are. We now know a lot of other Broward residents don’t believe it either. So let’s talk about how the Broward county elections could be rigged, may have been rigged and can be rigged in the future.

The elections could be rigged so that a particular candidate is pre-selected to win an electoral race by using any of the following techniques (all of which are illegal):

  1. The software used by the SOE to record and tabulate the votes could be modified to assure that a certain candidate gets the majority of votes. This would be the easiest way to rig the election and one of the hardest to prove because the software manufacturer claims intellectual property rights to the coding of the software and refuses to allow examination of it on that basis.

  2. Ineligible voters are not removed from the voter registration rolls and therefore felons and dead people are permitted to vote. Well, not really. Someone may create a ballot and complete it on behalf of a dead person. No one really knows if all of the disqualified voters are really removed from the voter registration records routinely in Broward since Brenda Snipes has testified under oath that she knew that they had in past elections. There is supposed to be an ongoing process of elimination of these ineligible voters by SOE but it is also a convenient way to “create” votes for the favored candidate without being obvious (unless, of course, you get caught or you are audited, which doesn’t seem to happen very much).

  3. The old fashioned way. You get some blank ballots and have a good ole’ time filling them in with the votes you want to rig and selecting the candidates you want to win. You can use the name of either absentee or mail in ballot voters who didn’t vote and have no clue what is going on.

  4. You offer votes for sale. Yep that is what I said. You offer to sell votes to candidates who need them. This is quick and efficient. You just need a lot of cash and the personnel to fill out out the purchased ballots and make sure there are no duplicate votes. This is likely to occur when votes are “found” after the fact and voting has closed or absentee and mail in ballots magically appear after the voting and polls are closed.

  5. Another useful and tried and true method is simply destroying ballots you don’t want counted so the selected “candidate” is a guaranteed winner. This is really easy because who knows or even tries to check to see if their ballot was destroyed and not counted, particularly if they mailed it in?

  6. Someone “purchases” the endorsement of heavy hitting political operatives in Broward such as the AFL-CIO, BTU, police and fire unions, influential politicians already in office, etc. This is the least transparent method and most difficult to prove and prosecute because it is really hard to trace a cash bribe. And when you have people who have been handling these types of transactions for years, they know how to make it invisible.

  7. On election day you have polling places that are inaccessible or closed, precluding the voters in that area from voting since on election day you can only vote in your own district.

  8. You remove a candidate’s name from the voting card so no one can vote for them.

  9. You tell voters at the polls on election day that they can’t vote for nonpartisan races because they are a registered Democrat or Republican.

    So my friends, that is a short list of how our elections may be rigged. I am sure there are many other methods we haven’t thought of or that have been brought to our attention.

    The point is that the residents of this County need to get serious about electoral integrity. Enough of the games. Get people in SOE who are responsible, accountable, know the difference between a state and federal election, and do not have a personal or political agenda which they use their position to fulfill. More to come, trust me. Cathy