Are you thinking about moving to Florida? 

Are your Grandma and Grandpa thinking about moving to Florida?



Hidden behind the façade of sun-kissed coastlines, palm trees, and thousands of “beautiful people” with great tans is a dirty little secret.  What seniors, both those already in Florida and those considering a move to the Sunshine State, should be aware of is already known to local regulators and state law enforcement.  That dirty little secret is going to be the subject of several blog posts by the Lerman Law Firm.


The Lerman Law Firm will speak openly and honestly about the many dangers that threaten our citizens, especially senior citizens who are targeted by scammers. We will also discuss why nothing is being done about it.


Fraudsters, organized crime bosses and multiple convicted felons from other states and countries flock to Florida. Why? Why is Florida the fraud capital of the United States?  The answer is simple: because criminals know that there is a state wide systemic failure by law enforcement and regulators to investigate and prosecute fraudsters who financially exploit the elderly and Florida residents. 


Often, these criminals set up shop in Florida, open up fake businesses or buy OTC publicly traded shell corporations and start to jumpstart their schemes by looking for new investors, who should more accurately be referred to as prey. 


Local and state law enforcement and regulators provide few resources to investigate or prosecute these criminals.  In fact, many times law enforcement will refuse to even take a report from a victim of elderly exploitation case or a victim of a  Ponzi scheme.  All too often, these schemes to defraud are completely blown off by law enforcement, which makes the ridiculous claim that these are a “a civil matter,” and thus purportedly outside of the scope of criminal investigations. 


However, law enforcement and regulators ignore the fact that there are multiple criminal statutes on the books in Florida that make exploiting the elderly, running organized schemes to defraud, orchestrating Ponzi schemes, selling fake investments, and laundering money all felonies.  A felony is a major crime?  So why is so little attention given to such a big problem? What would motivate law enforcement or regulators to ignore certain crimes and victims?  Why are some victims of crime protected while others are ignored? Why would police officers, prosecutors, the attorney general and others protect criminals? These are all important questions which we will explore.


Every citizen in Florida and every person who has family members in this state should be asking these same questions.  I can assure you that the answers may surprise you--and may even scare you. Stay tuned……