the Lerman Law Firm yesterday filed Consumer Protection Complaints against www.kitchensource.com an online seller in Stratford, Connecticut with the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Florida and the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Connecticut for Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, False Advertising and Bait and Switch.

We have asked that the Attorney Generals of these two states investigate the www.kitchensource.com for their. practices related to the sale, shipping, return and refund of their products. While the Terms and Conditions on the www.kitchensource.com website state that consumers should inspect the contents of items they purchase from www.kitchensource.com. before signing the bill of lading, in fact, www.kitchensource.com is aware that its shippers may refuse to allow the consumer to inspect the goods before accepting them. Here is an actual email from a Customer Service Representative at www.kitchensource.com:

“The manufacturer has advised that if there is any visible damages to go ahead and refused the shipment. If there not any visible damages then you can accept the shipment and open everything up and inspect it after but the shipping company will not wait around for the you to open up everything and inspect it. The best advice I can offer is to write “Possible Damage” when signing and then, let me know as soon as you can if there is any damage.”

Consumers should also be aware that the Ts and Cs of www.kitchensource.com state that “when you sign for a package, you are signing a document transferring ownership to you; that states you have inspected the shipment and that it is in good condition.” In other words, a customer of www.kitchensource.com is forced to sign the bill of lading without inspecting the contents of the package and when the customer signs that bill of lading they are literally stuck with the purchase of that product under the Ts and Cs of www.kitchensource.com. Even though the Ts and Cs also state that “As with all deliveries, please thoroughly inspect the contents of all packages for damages before signing for the delivery.” www.kitchensource.com website- Freight Carrier

If a customer of www.kitchensource.com tries to ask for a refund or return an item because they are not permitted to inspect it before signing the bill of lading then they are threatened with storage fees, shipping charges to and from, a restocking fee and any other fee they can come up with. It should be noted that www.kitchensource.com advertises “free shipping” and “easy returns.”

The customer service representatives of www.kitchensource.com will tell you before you purchase an item that “you have the right to inspect your package for damage.” This is in an actual email from a customer service representative. However, that statement is false and is said to you so you will make the purchase and after the purchase and right before the item is delivered you will be told that you can’t inspect the item before accepting it and you have to sign the bill of lading first as in the email above.

Aggrieved Consumers are advised to contact the Consumer Protection division of their State Attorney General for assistance with www.kitchensource.com consumer complaints.