What the State Wide Grand Jury Investigation Means For Our Community and BCSB

We have received numerous inquiries for an explanation of exactly what the state wide grand jury investigation of various Florida School Boards, including Broward County, means. Governor DeSantis has petitioned the Florida Supreme Court to impanel a statewide grand jury.

The issues to be addressed are:

Whether refusal or failure to follow the mandates of school-related safety laws, such as the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, results in unnecessary and avoidable risk to students across the state;

Whether public entities committed – and continue to commit – fraud and deceit by accepting state funds conditioned on implementation of certain safety measures while knowingly failing to act;

Whether school officials committed – and continue to commit – fraud and deceit by mismanaging, failing to use, and diverting funds from multi-million-dollar bonds specifically solicited for school safety initiatives; and

Whether school officials violated – and continue to violate – state law by systematically underreporting incidents of criminal activity to the Florida Department of Education.

It is important to note that the grand jury is being convened pursuant to Florida Statute Section 905.34 which is a CRIMINAL STATUTE. The grand jury will have subpoena powers and may make findings and recommendations for criminal prosecution of School Board Members in the various jurisdictions which are targeted for investigation.

This is great news for all of us in Broward County. I have found the grand jury process to be very effective in ferreting out crime and very tough on the criminals, particularly in public corruption matters. God’s Speed to all those involved. We hope the family of all of those affected by the Parkland massacre will feel a sense of comfort that FINALLY someone is going to analyze the School Board’s activities and hold them accountable. We hope the Broward Superintendent and all of the corrupt School Board members and officials are indicted through this process.