What February 14th Means To US

February 14th is generally a celebration of love and happiness. But our Firm has decided to close our offices that day and spend the day reflecting on the MSD massacre. We cannot find it in ourselves to celebrate a day of love when so many are hurting in our community. We do not judge anyone who does celebrate. We just want the families and victims, students and teachers to know that we stand with them, for them and against anyone who would dare desecrate this day.

There is no joy in the loss of beautiful, talented, loving family members from MSD. We understand that. And after February 14th, we intend to get back to the business of attacking those who facilitated this disgusting tragedy. That includes the shooter AND SO MANY MORE. But for one day, we will praise God’s goodness in sending us 17 angels who brought light to the life of so many and whose lives were cut short.

So to our Broward community, we pray for peace, justice, serenity and truth. And we acknowledge the outpouring of love from our community to the Parkland victims, and we pray that you may receive “the peace of God, that surpasses all understanding.”

I think our whole community needs that, our state needs that, and our nation needs that. I do not believe this will be the last school shooting and indeed others have followed. But I do believe that the families of those 17 angels hold the key to our future and that their insight is invaluable to saving our country and children. I pray for all of them everyday and so should you. Our future depends on it. May the MSD victims all rest in peace. May God in his Glory Be Shone Through Those Who Work To Bless And Protect Our Community.


This day has been set aside to honor the late beautiful and kind, Meadow Pollack, a student who died in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School shooting.  Each day for 17 days one of the 17 victims who were killed is being honored.  I wanted to take this opportunity to express to the families of these victims, as well as everyone who was injured or traumatized by this horrible tragedy, that despite all of the evil, incompetence and corruption that has been exposed in this county, good will prevail. Keep the faith!

I believe that, I know that and I want the families and this community to know that. My pastor says we must all be warriors for God. I believe anyone who is working to help expose the corruption, defeat the incumbent, incompetent Broward County School Board members, get Runcie and Israel indicted, expose the enormous corruption which is BTU (Broward Teacher's Union or Bully, Threaten and Undermine) and hold everyone accountable who could have prevented this senseless tragedy but chose not to is a warrior for God. Because this is not about politics, it is about right and wrong and protecting our children and their teachers as well as finally exposing the massive corruption that has plagued our school system for a long time.

I want the teachers in Broward county to stop being afraid to speak.  I want the teachers at MSD to get the professional help they need and deserve.  I want every school in Broward county to be hardened, safe, secure and buttoned up  I want our teachers to get the pay raises they deserve.

I want the families of the Parkland shooting victims who are at the polls talking to voters about the change we need to stop being harassed.  I want the families of all victims to see change happening NOW.  I want the world to see that none of these victims died in vain-that their deaths are the catalyst that will bring about the change and transparency we need in our school system, the removal of all corrupt politicians and public officers, their indictment and  harsh punishment for creating a system that then created a monster.  All of which could have been easily prevented by any of them if they had done their job.

So to all of you are who are fighting the good fight to take back our community from the hands of the corrupt, incompetent and ignorant, I leave you with one final thought and a whole bunch of love:




"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  John 8:32

Finally, the Broward Teacher's Union (BTU) played its political hand on the Broward County School Board race and the truth has been revealed.  And folks, BTU has proven once again IT IS ALL ABOUT POLITICS IN THE BROWARD COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM.  BTU refused to endorse any candidate with ties to Stoneman Douglas, according to a Sun-Sentinel news report, and endorsed most school board candidate incumbents.

How is that possible? Why isn't BTU supporting any candidate that will make our schools safer, raise our teacher's salaries, require transparency from the top down by the Broward County School Board, and hold administrators in Broward schools accountable for their own malfeasance and nonfeasance?  The simple answer which has been true in every school board race for decades in Broward-POLITICS.

However, BTU's strategy has backfired. It is too obvious. BTU emphasizes the "Proven Record" of the Broward County School Board member encumbents being challenged in the current race as the basis for their continued support of these encumbents.  "Proven Record" of what you ask?  Well, that is easy. 

Everyone in Broward County has had a front row seat, since the MSD tragedy, to the parade of stories of corruption, cover ups, incompetence, inadequate security, unsafe buildings, accounting irregularities, and just plain old fraud that has plagued the BCSB for years.  Yet BTU supports the incumbents AGAIN????? Every teacher, student and parent of students in the Broward County school system should be furious and afraid because if all of these encumbents get elected again-NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE IN THE BROWARD COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM ("BCSS").

It is time that the truth set Broward voters free to vote for candidates who actually will make a difference and CHANGE THE WAY BCSS operates. For example, Laurie Rich Levinson has been a school board member for 8 years.  She is being challenged by newcomer, Richard A. Mendelson, Ph.D. 

Mendelson is the only candidate for BCSB (and is more qualified than any sitting member of the BCSB) that has any qualifications to lead the major overhaul that the School Board requires.  There is no other candidate with experience in the Broward County School System as a teacher as well as expertise in industrial and organizational psychology and security. 

Mendelson is running on a platform to create positive change in our schools and community as well as fight for fair pay for teachers, accountability at all levels of the school district., and to make safety and security of our schools a priority. How could BTU ignore a candidate with this kind of stellar credentials? What, exactly, has Levinson done to facilitate those goals in the last 8 years that she has "sat" on the School Board?  The answer will not surprise you.

Levinson's political clout is what has kept her in her "seat"-not her performance as an aggressive advocate for students, teachers, transparency of the school district, and/or elimination of corruption at all levels of BCSS.  Levinson's mother is Nan Rich, a Broward County Commissioner and prominent political figure.  BTU doesn't want to upset a politically powerful  county commissioner by supporting her daughter's rival-regardless of whether it is the right thing to do for the community, the schools, the students, their families, and the teachers. So folks, there is the sad truth.

Now knowing this truth, all voters in Broward County should cast a suspicious eye on all of the School Board incumbents who are running for re-election.  Furthermore, students, educators and parents in Broward County should feel FREE to speak out against the position of BTU and their political cronies who have placed politics over the safety, security, ethics, morality and legality of the administration and operation of our school system.  Politics should play no part in the education of our children, regardless of whether it concerns their safety on campus or the creation of ill-advised programs that hide the dangers lurking within our schools. 

The truth about BTU is irrefutable. Now my friends and neighbors in Broward County:





Brother of Slain Parkland Hero Gives Exclusive Interview to CBS News 4 Miami

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

  • Ray Feis - brother of Aaron Feis, the coach who died shielding students during the February 14 mass shooting at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School – gave his first interview since the incident to CBS 4 Miami on Monday. Feis praised the actions of his brother and fellow coaches who were killed protecting students, called for resignations in school and police leadership, and criticized the lack of action by organizations previously alerted to the shooter’s concerning behavior.

PARKLAND, Fla. (PRWEB) June 27, 2018

Ray Feis, brother of the late Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School coach and celebrated hero Aaron Feis, spoke out in his first interview on Monday. Feis sat down with anchor Rudabeh Shahbazi of CBS News 4 Miami for the exclusive, where he applauded the actions of Feis and other coaches who died defending students, criticized organizations who took no action when alerted to prior actions of the shooter, and called for significant changes in the Broward County School System.

Describing Aaron as his own "protector" and a "father figure," and a caring mentor who made sure students had lunch and even bought them shoes when needed, Feis said he was not surprised that his brother rushed to shield students during the mass shooting on February 14, 2018, even though it meant losing his own life. Aaron Feis, along with fellow coaches Chris Hixon and Scott Biegel, died while trying to stop the shooter, a former student. In all, 17 people were killed in the massacre and many more injured. Feis stated that on the day of the shooting, Aaron, as well as Hixon and Biegel, did what they did every day - make sure the kids were safe.

Ray Feis pointed out that the shooter, "an individual with documented mental health issues," had multiple encounters with law enforcement, administrators and others, while exhibiting violent, anti-social and bizarre behavior, but he "just kept getting passed over." Feis criticized the multiple agencies which had previously been made aware of these issues and noted that "no one wanted to do the right thing."

In the interview, Feis advocated that more attention should be focused on students with mental health issues in the Broward County Public School System, "so other potential shooters do not slip through the cracks." He also told Shahbazi that Aaron, among others, had repeatedly tried to get help for the shooter, but that "the teachers and staff don't have the amount of backing that they actually need."

Feis ultimately points to a failure in leadership as the reason for the systematic breakdowns that resulted in Aaron and 16 others being killed at Stoneman Douglas. Feis has called for Broward County Superintendent Robert Runcie, as well as Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, to step down while their departments are being investigated.

Feis has publicly endorsed Broward County School Board candidate Richard Mendelson, who was one of Aaron's best friends. Feis believes Mendelson is the best person for the job, due to his background in security, PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and extensive experience as a coach and educator at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Mendelson has become a symbol of change in the Broward County School Board race. His platform emphasizes school safety, hardening of schools, fair pay for teachers, and accountability - all of which Ray Feis believes are now lacking.

For more information on School Board Candidate Richard A. Mendelson, Ph.D., please visit: http://www.mendelsonbcps6.com/.


Mendelson Endorsed for Broward County School Board District 6


Brother of Slain Parkland Shooting Hero Aaron Feis Endorses Dr. Richard Mendelson for Broward County School Board

Broward County School Board District 6 candidate Dr. Richard Mendelson today received the endorsement of Ray Feis, brother of high school coach Aaron Feis, who was slain while protecting students during the Parkland shooting. Dr. Mendelson has pledged to improve the educational environment for students and teachers.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (PRWEB) May 11, 2018

Just weeks after announcing his campaign to serve District 6 on the Broward County School Board, Dr. Richard Mendelson today received the endorsement of his candidacy by Ray Feis, brother of the late high school coach Aaron Feis. Coach Feis died heroically after using his own body to shield students during the mass shooting that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in which 17 were killed and many more injured.

"Richard has always been a passionate advocate for our local schools and was a close friend of my brother Aaron,” said Ray Feis. “I'm proud to endorse Richard’s candidacy for the Broward School Board because I know he will be a champion for positive change in our community. I strongly support his pledged commitment to working for fair pay for our teachers, requiring more accountability in the school district, and making changes in public school safety to better protect our schools, students, teachers and administrators.”

“Our family, and many others in this community, suffered terribly as a result of the Parkland shooting but I will not allow Aaron’s death to be in vain. Richard is well equipped to be the catalyst of critical changes we need in the Broward School District. As a life-long educator and former teacher for 13 years at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, there is nobody more qualified to serve as a Broward County School Board Member and leader in our community than Richard Mendelson” said Feis.

For his part, Mendelson said today that he was “honored to have the support of Ray Feis, and I pledge as a member of the Broward County School Board to tirelessly create a safe, fulfilling educational environment for our students and teachers as well as implement aggressive policies and procedures to require accountability at all levels of the school district.”

He added: “As a second-generation Broward County Public School educator and a graduate of the Broward School system, I have deep roots in this District and in this community. In the tragic Parkland attack, I lost a close friend in Aaron Feis, who was like a brother to me. I feel compelled to step forward and utilize my knowledge and experience as an educator and an expert in industrial and organizational psychology to facilitate the necessary critical changes to our school system at every level.”

“The time has come to aggressively revamp our district operations, administration, finance and culture. I am eager to be part of this process and to work with the other School Board members to effect these changes as quickly as possible” said Mendelson.

For more information on School Board Candidate Richard A. Mendelson, Ph.D., please visit: http://www.mendelsonbcps6.com/.