After having read the half-ass investigative report by the Broward School Board investigative unit and the Coward of Broward Scott Peterson, I would like to ask Sheriff Gregory Tony to re-open the investigation into Medina’s lewd conduct toward underage female students and MSD. I did some research into potential charges against him and I think a case can be made for prosecution under Florida Statute Section 800.101 which would be a second degree felony.

I think the case should be reopened and BSO should investigate whether other students were solicited by Medina. I do not believe anyone actually made an attempt to find all of his victims and I hope that students and/or graduates will come forward and tell the authorities exactly what Medina did at MSD. Anyone who has information on Medina and needs assistance should feel free to contact our law firm and we are happy to help you on a pro bono basis get to the right people to tell your story.

We owe it to the MSD community to right this wrong and hold this man accountable. We also owe it to all of his victims, including the late Meadow Pollack. It makes me furious that he was given a 3 day suspension for his heinous conduct in harassing these female students. The words he used, the comments he made and the solicitation of these underage females were all lewd. His ridiculous treatment/punishment is all part of what spawned the #MeToo movement.

I want to ask my sisters in Broward County and throughout the United States to stand with us in asking Sheriff Tony to reopen Medina's investigation and permit other potential victims to come forward. These victims deserve justice and if Medina is guilty he needs to be taken off the street so he cannot prey upon anymore underage girls.


It has been the privilege of this law firm to represent and assist some of the victims' families of the MSD shooting. I have been amazed at their resilience and that of the surviving students. I have never witnessed such human courage and strength, particularly by those so young.   However, I have been angered by the lack of answers, information and investigative conclusions that should have been disclosed by now to these families, to the MSD students, to the people of Broward County, to the people of the state of Florida, and to the people across our nation who have supported these victims and their families.

Today Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie fired two BCSD security guards who did nothing during the MSD shooting except hide. Too little, too late is not strong enough to describe Runcie's inept actions. BCSD has protected these security guards (and others) for the last almost 5 months. Are these two security guards supposed to be the sacrificial lambs or diversionary strategy, like BSO Deputy Scott Peterson was for law enforcement, for all of the sins of the Broward County School Board and District?  I think not.

Don't get me wrong.  Peterson should have been fired not retired.  These two security guards deserve to be fired. All law enforcement officers and security guards who protected themselves instead of the victims should also face criminal charges, where appropriate.

But my most pressing question is when are the people who make the final decisions (and provide such "amazing leadership" ) going to be held accountable?  Why was BSO Deputy Scott Peterson permitted to resign instead of being fired?  Why haven't any law enforcement officers (either from BSO or from other agencies) who hid instead of going in to shoot the shooter at MSD (as they are required to do) been fired?

Most importantly, why haven't Robert Runcie and Scott Israel been removed from office?  The underlying criminal case is not complicated. It is the series of acts by multiple people at every level of government of enormous ineptitude, incompetence, cowardice, corruption, conspiracy, perjury, greed, malfeasance, nonfeasance, dereliction of duty, and outright fraud that created the perfect storm for this horrific act to be consummated.  For these reasons, the leaders, the cowards, the corrupt, and ALL of their accomplices need to pay the price for this senseless loss of life and injury to innocent victims and their families.

I am calling on the students of MSD, their parents, our political leaders, and the people of our community to demand and insist upon the disclosure of the truth and full transparency as to what really happened on February 14, 2018 at MSD and hold accountable EVERYONE AT EVERY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT OR PUBLIC SERVICE who was involved and contributed to this travesty.  Enough of the gamesmanship, diversionary tactics and political rhetoric! 

This is not a political issue, it is a human issue.  We all need to speak up on behalf of those who cannot speak and insist on accountability at all levels.  NOW!