There's a New Sheriff In Town! Thank God and Governor Ron DeSantis.

Former Coral Springs Police Sergeant Greg Tony is now the interim BSO Sheriff replacing disgraced former Sheriff Scott “I am awesome” Israel. This is a huge step forward to start cleaning up Corruption County and it just shows how fortunate we are to have Ron DeSantis as our new governor. He is not afraid to make a decision and he wants to do the right thing for the people of Broward. How awesome is that!

But this Blog Post is not to discuss Tony or DeSantis. It is directed to the residents of Broward County. We all became too complacent with our government, our law enforcement, our School Board and our political leaders. Much of what came out in the MSD report about the corruption, incompetence, lack of accountability, indifference and illegal conduct of multiple Broward public agencies was already known-and ignored.

The MSD tragedy is partly the result of public apathy by Broward residents who have not demanded accountability and transparency by their leaders in the public sector. Now that there is a new Sheriff in town-the residents of Broward County need a new attitude as well. We need to become more vigilant in watching and observing what is going on in our community. We need to speak up when we see something that is wrong and we need to support those who are in the public sector who are whistleblowers and report wrongdoing AND MAKE PUBLIC OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE AT ALL LEVELS..

We need to support our teachers and get them out of the Broward Teacher’s Union and eliminate that entity all together. We need to support Greg Tony as he cleans up BSO and support him as he dismantles the Fort Lauderdale Police Department Retirement Club within BSO that Israel created. We need to support the people who are trying to remove Brenda Snipes and keep her from controlling the results of our elections any longer. We need to encourage AND INSIST that prosecutors and law enforcement investigate, prosecute and PUT IN JAIL every single person in every single agency who was a part of and contributed to the MSD massacre or who is using their public office or position for corrupt and/or illegal purposes like Snipes., Israel and Runcie. We need to insist that every public official/employee who is incompetent be terminated-not permitted to resign. Broward residents, we need to become activists to protect our children, their future and the future of our community.

From this day forward we all need to get involved, talk to each other, raise issues, be vigilant and DISBAND CORRUPTION COUNTY. We now have a great governor who will support us, a Sheriff who is ethical, knowledgeable and fearless and we are slowly getting rid of the rest of the trash that has accumulated in the highest levels of all sectors of our county government.

SO IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. That phrase was useless previously but it is now very relevant. And a special message to my brothers and sisters of the Florida Bar who are Broward residents, we are in a unique position to facilitate the exposure of public corruption. We have a duty to assist law enforcement and prosecutors by aiding whistleblowers and others who come forward with information about corruption in our County. It is time for all of us to stand together and offer our help to anyone who needs it to stop corruption. We may have been the most complacent of all. Now our voices must be heard and we must protect our community.

Our law firm will continue to work with law enforcement on public corruption matters wherever they occur. We are committed to advocacy and action against those who would use their position for personal gain or to the detriment of our residents.

To all the MSD victims and their families, we know that nothing that anyone does at this point will ever change the agony, loss, and horror you have been through and will continue to feel. You have paid a great price for the corruption, incompetence and lack of accountability of our public officials. But there is a new Sheriff in Town and soon there will be a new School Board Superintendent and a new Supervisor of Elections. All of us who grieve with you and for you will continue to be advocates of change and accountability so that this kind of senseless tragedy never happens again and those 17 angels did not die in vain.

May God bless all of you, our community, Sheriff Greg Tony, Governor Ron DeSantis and everyone who is diligently working to clean up Broward County including Andy Pollack and Ryan Petty. Together we can change our community and eliminate Corruption County. All the best, Cathy