What February 14th Means To US

February 14th is generally a celebration of love and happiness. But our Firm has decided to close our offices that day and spend the day reflecting on the MSD massacre. We cannot find it in ourselves to celebrate a day of love when so many are hurting in our community. We do not judge anyone who does celebrate. We just want the families and victims, students and teachers to know that we stand with them, for them and against anyone who would dare desecrate this day.

There is no joy in the loss of beautiful, talented, loving family members from MSD. We understand that. And after February 14th, we intend to get back to the business of attacking those who facilitated this disgusting tragedy. That includes the shooter AND SO MANY MORE. But for one day, we will praise God’s goodness in sending us 17 angels who brought light to the life of so many and whose lives were cut short.

So to our Broward community, we pray for peace, justice, serenity and truth. And we acknowledge the outpouring of love from our community to the Parkland victims, and we pray that you may receive “the peace of God, that surpasses all understanding.”

I think our whole community needs that, our state needs that, and our nation needs that. I do not believe this will be the last school shooting and indeed others have followed. But I do believe that the families of those 17 angels hold the key to our future and that their insight is invaluable to saving our country and children. I pray for all of them everyday and so should you. Our future depends on it. May the MSD victims all rest in peace. May God in his Glory Be Shone Through Those Who Work To Bless And Protect Our Community.